4 Life-Changing Places To Take Your Kids Before They Grow Up

No, not Disneyland.
When you have a young family, there is a lot of pressure put on holidays. We have to provide recreation, rest, and recuperation for all. At times, we always take the easy way out and go for another package beach vacation and offload the kids into their own little playgroup.
Today, we would like to challenge that idea, to go for a travel plan that would be so much more rewarding, for you and the kids.
Imagine this, you can have a much more enriching and fulfilling vacation with your kids, marvelling at the wonders the world has to offer through their eyes. It’s a chance to create a meaningful memory for everyone, and a unique experience that most kids at school won’t have had.
Let’s work hard on our family holiday ideas. Here are some great examples to get you started.

Show Them The Knowledge In The World

When Isaac Newton discovered Gravity, he claimed that he was standing on the shoulders of giants. Indeed all wonders and marvels of mankind are built as a result of billions of years of evolutionary success.
The invention of writing has enabled the cumulative transfer of this knowledge from one generation to the next. Your child is the next generation. They will inherit that knowledge.
That’s why you should take them to the Library of Congress in Washington DC to experience the smoky smell of aged paper, and unveil the history every single page holds.
The Library of Congress is the biggest library in the world. It has nearly four thousand staff and is outfitted with more than 500 miles of shelving. Those shelves are home to 128 million books, documents, and other texts, with about 10,000 items added every day.
The family friendly adventure film National Treasure was also shot in the Library so you can watch it to get excited. There is a Passport for Knowledge for kids, and a Knowledge Quest interactive adventure that will introduce them to the most famous pieces. Whatever your child is into, be it music, dinosaurs or racing cars, they can find everything there is to know about it in the Library.

Experience The Circle of Life

The Serengeti is the vastest and best-preserved wild ecosystem in the world. Its name means “endless plains” in Maasai, and its 12,000 square miles is home to the largest animal migrations in the world, with elephants, blue wildebeests, gazelles, zebras, buffalo, lions and spotted hyenas, all familiar to lovers of The Lion King.
Going for expeditions in the Serengeti is a sure-fire way to give your kids a love for adventure, discovery, and the sheer variety and scale of natural life. Children born today are part of a generation that threatens to spend most of its waking time in front of screens. Nothing can be better in instilling the value of getting outside than to experience the savannah first hand.
There are plenty of activities you can include, from bike and horseback riding to bush walks, night-time expeditions and Maasai village visits to keep the adventure alive.

Return To The Cradle Of Civilisation

For most people, Ancient Greece laid the foundations of modern civilization for millennia to come. There is no better place to learn about this civilization than in Athens.
The Acropolis is the most famous of Athens’ monuments and the birthplace of democracy. The Acropolis museum and the Karyatides are perfect explorations of architecture and technology. See the stadium where the first ever Olympics took place.
Enjoy Greek cuisine in the colourful Plakas district, and take a sailing tour through perfect azure waters. Watch the changing of the guard outside Parliament. Visit the Oracle at Delphi at the summit of Mount Parnassos, or the active volcano of Santorini.
Greece is full of history, mythology, and masterpieces that can fuel the imagination for a lifetime. If your child likes the Percy Jackson series, this is a great way to bring those books to life.
This city break can help children connect to famous thinkers such as Plato and Socrates, Pythagoras and Aristotle, introducing them to the influence of philosophy in defining how to live well.

The Vibrancy Of Cultural Differences

Tokyo is a thriving, modern metropolis with every kind of distraction. It will also feel completely alien to anyone outside of South East Asia. The food, the utensils, the fashion, the language, the hyper-technology – visiting Tokyo is like visiting a different, sci-fi world.
Tokyo is massive, home to 35 million people (more than everyone in Canada). There is an Ice Cream City serving 300 flavours, including sea salt, wasabi and green tea.
There are innumerable famous temples and shrines with unique architecture, dedicated to both Buddhist and Shinto gods. A unique philosophy informing a unique way of life.
There is a museum of innovation showcasing the latest experimental technologies. A Studio Ghibli museum with characters from some of the most dreamlike children’s animations ever made. Baseball stadiums, fish markets, inner-city roller coasters, a life-sized Godzilla and more all await. You can bathe in volcanic hot springs. Watch New Japan Pro Wrestling.
A visit to Tokyo can be so valuable precisely because it is so unique. The people in Japan are some of the politest you can find, and Tokyo is one of the safest major cities in the world. If you want your children to be comfortable in urban environments, and get a buzz from the possibilities cities can offer, Tokyo is the best place in the world to be.

Show Them The World They Are Part Of

These are just some of the innumerable amazing places that inhabit our pale blue dot, but they all come with much more than a beach and a playgroup to offer. These locations can expand the mind, and open up the possibilities for children at an important, impressionable age.
You can help your children understand things in new ways, see the world with their own eyes, and create a world-citizen who is more understanding, compassionate and curious than ever.
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