Klairs Cosmetic Blog Review.

How Klairs Works 

Simple but enough. 

The condition of your skin will always change depending on the weather and the body’s condition. Protect your skin with Klairs’ simple lineup that provides everything from cleansing and moisture to calming and soothing. 

Basic but ultimate. 

We take the time, no matter how long, to create the best simple products. Klairs is effective even without the addition of special, unique ingredients. Just by using our products every day, your skin will slowly get healthier. 

Mild but powerful. 

Since 2009, we at Klairs have been researching different ingredients and raw materials for the best skincare for sensitive skin. Our products not only improve the skin’s elasticity but also quickly soothes irritated skin for ultimately healthier and stronger skin. 

Brand Philosophy 

No harsh ingredients. 

Klairs makes sure to create products with only the most effective, necessary raw ingredients, all of which have passed the safety measures of a research lab specializing in dermatologist brand skin care. We make sure our products don’t contain components that can irritate sensitive skin. 

No animal testing. 

Since our foundation in 2009, we have not tested on animals. We don’t believe in harming animals for our cosmetic purposes and we are working on putting down animal testing. 

High quality. Reasonable prices. 

Rather than conducting costly PR and marketing, the Klairs name has been spread through satisfied customer reviews and word-of-mouth. We will always continue doing our best to provide the highest quality products to our customers at a fair price.

I have read a lot of reviews about Klairs product which made me very curious and really want to know about the brand. I just know that this product is perfect for mild deep cleansing with ingredients from an extract from natural black grains my first order I was more than happy to try it out. 

A couple of months after that, I got the opportunity to try their new cleansing oil in conjunction with the full sized cleansing scrub. 

So thank you for enabling my skincare obsession and sending me these wonderful products to try. 

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect! 

I had a horrible week of being tired on and off every other day of the week (can someone explain to me how that even works?), I had just run out of my cleansing oil without any replacement planned. My regular exfoliator was finished up the week before and the post lost my replacement twice! 

So you can imagine how happy I was when I opened the mystery parcel containing the exact products I was in need off. It's like a magic, it cleans up my makeup so well. I like it because it is easier to wash than my previous cleansing oil. Its gentles on the skin and make my face very moisture and health. Love it so much. I gave this 5 Star. 
Note: Very recommended!!

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask 90ml 

The KLAIRS Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask is most effective when used with vitamin C. The two vitamins enhance the effectiveness of each other through the antioxidant network and protect the skin from active oxygen, preventing ageing. In addition, vitamin E prevents vitamin C from being oxidized before being absorbed by the skin, intensifying the skin-improving effects of vitamin C.

An antioxidant network that protects the skin

What does the active oxygen caused by UV rays, stress, etc. do to our skin?

1) Vitamin E becomes oxidized when active oxygen is lost by the primary defences.

2) Vitamin C reduces the level of oxidized vitamin E to its original state and reactivates it.

3) The reduced vitamin E removes active oxygen again and prevents cell destruction and ageing.

4) Vitamin C has a powerful toning effect.

Vitamin coating for an extended hydration.

Highly recommend to those who are seeking for a product that can lead to clearer skin. Ohemgeeee the best sleeping mask as you can see the result just over a night! Love it!

By Wishtrend Vitamin C 21.5 Advanced Serum Vitamin C Serum for Oily / Trouble Skin Type
Reduce acne scars and skin tone-upVitamin is good for your skin, but it's not enough to simply apply and go! 

With the Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask, fully deliver the nutrients your skin needs and enhance the effects of vitamin! 

All natural vitamin C extracted from Hippophae rhamnoides has 1.3 times the absorption ability, increasing the effects of vitamin C tremendously when the C20 Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask is used after using the C20 Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum. 

Bosung Camellia sinensis(Green Tea) is highly distinguished in Korea. Baby leafs of the Bosung Camellia sinensis (Green Tea) have high concentrations of catechin and vitamin E within the polyphenol constituents, effectively aiding in the calming, hydrating, and nourishing of the skin to rejuvenate and restore healthy, beautiful skin. 

The all-natural C20 Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask is designed to increase the effects of vitamin serums with a natural, soothing formula and is absolutely free of irritants for safe use by anyone and everyone. 

A safe, prescribed formula absolutely free of the following: 
  1. Parabens 
  2. Benzophenone, Phthalate 
  3. Ethanol, Phenoxyethanol 
  4. Mineral oils 
  5. Triethanolamine 
  6. Surfactants 
  7. Artificial colourants 
  8. Artificial perfumes
It's adsorbed fast into my skin. Not oily at all but does feel sticky after applying. It does help faded away from my acne scars but in slow motion. Overall I satisfied with this product.

With a natural colour and glow to give your skin the lively finish it needs, meet the exclusive. Between limited edition Mochi BB Cushion!The KLAIRS all-time best-seller Mochi BB has been improved with a light finish, long-lasting coverage that fights sweat and oils all day so you don’t have to. Fill the lacking and improve the good things with the upgraded Mochi BB cushion.

A refreshing finish like a powder
The Mochi BB Cushion is designed as a balm-type product rather than a liquid To fill in the pores for a silky smooth finish. Say goodbye to dull, oily, dark skin with the Mochi BB Cushion And enjoy clean, refreshing makeup this summer!

The Mochi BB Cushion has an apricot-beige tone That complements both yellow and red skin in a natural way. It neutralizes the redness of the skin for a comfortable and healthy look While colour-correcting and brightening dull, discoloured skin tone. 

I love the packaging it's very cute and easy to apply, makes my skin looks glowing and very light coverage. I am pretty sure, this one will make me don't want to change to other Cushion, because of their finishing on to the skin.

Do read my last posting on this BB Cushion review ya.


  1. zaza pun kenal jenama ni sebab ada dpt produk dr althea korea..so salah satu item ni ada dlm kotak tu..dan yang penting tak ada bahan2 terlarang seperti paraben dan lain2

  2. Pernah nampak jenama ni kat somewhere shopping mall x ingat plak kat mana..bahan yang organic sememangnya menjadi pilihan skrg sbb takde chemical yg bahaya kan

    1. betul sis, xda chemical dan organik juga. alhamdulillah saya serasi ngn produk dr korea ni

  3. Tetiba cam best je Klairs ni..Sal dah la takleh tengok produk² ni..sure nak try..hehehe

    1. sila.. BB Mochi Cushion dan vitamin C die sgt best.. eh x..cleansing best.. eh.. Vit E tu best.. alamak semua best lah awak..

  4. Comelnya Mochi BB Cushion tu. Rasanya kalau beli ni mesti tak pakai sebab nak simpan. Sabar je la

    1. Fadzi- memang best sbb litupan die tipis tapi sgt cantik, kulit nampak glowing dan superb awesome on the skin.. shineee like a diamond je

  5. Yang penting bebas dari bahan berbahaya.

  6. Wow macam menarik produk klairs kena dapatkan yg cushion tu

    1. yg cushion tu best giler ... phtu thn lme, pkai xplu byk..

  7. First time dengar psal produk clair ni...
    Mcm best ja sebab ingredients dia tu kan...
    Boleh la usha2 nnt

  8. yes you are right, skin condition changes according to environment and also weather.
    my skin under air-cond tends to be dry but outdoor oily pulak. :S


  9. Lama dah tak.mekap sejak preggy ni. Klairs cosmetics ni agak bagus jugak ye..guna bahan2 organik.

    1. Annur - bestnya nama dia,,.. betul nt try cuba tau selmt xda paraben

  10. suka tengok bb cushion klairs tu

  11. Pengguna skrg kna bijak. Selidik kandungan bahan sebelum guna. Produk ni bagus ntk sesiapa yg tercari bahan berasaskan organik

    1. Cip Puan Ena- stuju sgt dengan ape yg awak katakan. pengguna harus bijak

  12. Boleh la usha-usha.. cam best je. Yang penting tiada bahan berbahaya

  13. menarik. bahan-bahan yang digunakan dalam produk juga bebas bahan terlarang. jadi tak perlu was-was untuk gunakannya


  14. Banyak betul ye jenama2 produk muka di pasaran. Kalau sy jadi perempuan, mahu keliru dibuatnya nak pakai produk yg mna satu. Ibu saya ada pakai salah satu produk nie. Harga dia boleh tahan

    1. Zharis- wahh ibu anda seorang yang outstanding.. caya lah.. harga tu tak boleh tolong tapi end result dia juga mengagumkan

  15. Baru tahu tentang produk ini. Biasanya beli minyak Vit E di farmasi sahaja. Minyak ini bagus untuk hilangkan parut-parut lama.

    1. Nuha- jika diamal dan tertib cara penggunaanya insyaAllah memang berkesan dear

  16. Selalu dengar brand ni tapi x pernah cuba lagi. Mana tahu next time kan terjebak nak cuba produk ni.

  17. pengguna produk komestik sekarang makin kritis ya?
    tapi pada akhirnya kita akan memilih produk terbaik bukan termurah

    1. stuju- apepun ia berbalik pada kualiti sesuatu produk, jika mahal tapi tidak berkesan tak guna juga, begitu sebaliknya.

  18. Replies
    1. hahaha- sabar sis, pilih mana serasi dengan ur skin dan senang nak maintain setiap bulan, macam saya juga, kalau tak mampu saya memang tak belilah, setakat tengok jiran sebelh tingkap jela guna. awak kadang temulawak cream pun awk sapu kat muka bila ia murah dan serasi dengan kulit.