The Power of Positive Peer Pressure

Positive peer pressure can be a force for good and beneficial change in a youngster’s life.Positive peer pressure occurs when someone’s peers try to influence her to do something positive or uplifting or proactive or growth-building which affects her behavior and attitude for the better. Good behavior is a reflection of good attitude and good self-image; reinforcing those in a young girl can be a turning point for her maturation. Using examples of peer pressure to help her form her attitude and personality is a powerful way of seeing the effects pr positive peer reinforcement

Positive can be extremely catching! The influence of having positive and constructive forces surrounding a person of any age can be a catalyst for change and growth. Having a pattern of good behavior to inspire imitation and copying can set a foundation for developing a mature personality at an early age. Wanting to be like someone who is admired for that individual’s positive traits and using that admiration as inspiration for self-improvement displays just one example of the power of positive peer pressure. The helpful feedback will act as praise to the young girl and will encourage her to continue in that mode.

Positive peer pressure can influence thoughts as well as actions. When an individual is inspired to begin thinking more positively about the outcomes of her self-talk and actions, her entire attitude and outlook on life can change for the better. Being able to develop a sense of self from watching her reflection in others eyes is a helpful part of growing up, but should not be the only feedback that she receives, positive or negative. Being able to recognize herself as the valuable person she is through peer interaction and through following positive peer pressure is a natural means of self-validation for a young girl.

A special role model can offer incredible peer pressure. Choosing a positive role model as someone to mimic plants a seed of inspiration that is paving a way for future beneficial growth. Role models can show an individual the proper way to act and even feel. Having a good role model is invaluable in helping a young girl form a positive image and learn positive self-talk. The ability to value herself and have productive self-talk are necessary to the development of a mature personality.

Watching someone who is admired succeed at something great is a subtle form of positive peer pressure because that is replicable behavior that can be mirrored. When a young student watches a friend excel at something in school, it suddenly becomes cool to study and get good grades and study harder. Being able to use the actions of another to help gage her own performance is a helpful tool in growing up, but the approval of another should not be the sole determinant of a young girl”s self-worth, however.

Following positive peer pressure and examples of peer pressure can give a girl something to be proud of when that begins to reflect well on her. The incentive to do well and look good increases a young girl’s chance for success when she receives positive inspiration in the form of peer pressure. Receiving positive feedback after following that positive lead will encourage additional good behavior and further following after the good role model.

If a girl is a people-pleaser, taking a positive lead from a mentor will feel good. That positive reinforcement can spur the impressionable young people-pleaser to greater action because of what she has experienced. Helping the girl see the effects that experiencing peer pressure have caused on her formation is key to helping her get to know herself. Using these positive experiences can have a powerful effect on the girl as she grows into a woman. Being able to view hersel in a positive light will help reinforce her self worth and improve her self image.

Receiving positive peer pressure can set a cycle of success in motion that can be built on for the future. As the individual is motivated to excel because of what she has seen her peers accomplish successfully, she herself begins to understand the value of following well-chosen leaders, albeit unofficial ones. Receiving positive feedback on good behavior learned through mimicking a peer will also have a beneficial effect on the behavior of the young girl. Setting her up for success in everything she does will ensure that the effects of the peer pressure in her life have had a positive effect. That effect has great power to help determine who she ultimately becomes.

While young people should not be arbitrarily encouraged to follow the example of just anyone, giving a youngster subtle guidance in choosing friends who will lead through exerting positive peer pressure is a good lesson for that young person. By being exposed to good behavior through positive peer pressure, that effect can change a young person’s life for the better forever.

Positive peer pressure has a vital role in the socialization of a young girl. The more positive influences that appear in her life as guideposts, the better off she is. This peer pressure can occur at church, school, or among siblings. Each social act will have an effect on the young girl and will help her turn into the mature young adult who awaits her in her future. The influence of her peers on her and her developing sense of self cannot be discounted as she grows into womanhood. The adults and role models in her life will determine the effects peed pressure has. It is up to those other individuals to ensure that the peer pressures she is exposed to and shaped by are the most promising effects possible as she grows. Their success in providing positive role models and positive peer pressure will help shape her into the woman she is becoming.- nobullydotcom